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We have developed custom E-Sport courses built to increase gaming skill set, psychology, business, contracts, and learn how to monetize in the gaming world.

Optimize Your Game Performance

Sports Psychology & Mental Strategy

Learn How to Monetize Gaming

Networking & Alliances

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Non Toxic Team Environment

7RG cultivates an environment that is competitive, collaborative, supportive, and nontoxic. Our goal is to create an organization of like-minded players who are committed to becoming the best version of themselves.
Our culture is fostered by collaboration and unity. We are much stronger as a unity. We all bring a diverse background of skill sets, psychology, and mindset. We have something to learn from one another. Through collaboration, we can strengthen our gameplay, strategy, and psychology to achieve our gaming goals. This also translates into your other aspirations and will help you learn how to work well with others, collaborate, challenge your perspective, and grow through diversification.

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7RG Courses

E-Sports Courses & Trainings

Our Courses Offer the Following:

Great Online Instructors
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Exclusive Courses
Networking & Alliance Opportunities
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E-Sports Coaching

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