Face Everything and Rise!

Who are We?

We are an E-Sports Organization that provides support, training, coaching, and business development opportunities for gaming. We believe in fun, competitive, and nontoxic gameplay. Our vision is to create a place for all tier players to have a sense of community and competition. We value our members and are committed to serving our community.


We believe the power lies with the gamers. We aim to reinvent the gaming industry and how gamers are compensated.

Exclusive Support

7RG is an organization that prides itself on providing high-quality support and development for our members. We provide a sense of support, morale, and empowerment that will improve your performance and benefits your personal and professional goals.

Our Process


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01 Plan

In order to achieve greatness you must first determine a plan or course of action.

02 Coaching

7RG Offers Cutting Edge Coaching & Development to Help Improve Game Play

03 Experiment

We have found that experience is the best way to unlock success!

04 Score

Score big as hard work, discipline, and consistency pay off.

Face Everything And Rise!

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